Restaurant Favorites at Special Pricing

Wagyu — and 7X Beef — became famous for showstopper steaks, those unbelievably tender and tasty Ribeyes and Tenderloins that are the stars of the world’s great menus.

But those aren’t the only cuts we deliver. Many of our restaurant partners use our beef in more composed dishes, because when beef comes from our ranch, even lesser-known cuts are superior to other producers’ best. And since there are more of those “outside cuts” (as the chefs call them), they’re less expensive.

A lot less expensive, actually. And until our chef friends are cooking full-tilt again, we thought we’d offer our home chef friends (that’s you) a chance to go full-Wagyu with cuts that normally only reach our commercial clients.

You’ve probably cooked with these cuts before, but seeing (and tasting) the Wagyu version may introduce you to a new favorite. All of these cuts are hand-trimmed Wagyu from 100% fullblood Japanese cattle, raised at every step for unbeatable flavor and uncompromising texture.

$100 Restaurant Secrets

Chuck Eye Roast, 7 pounds
Tri-Tip, 5 pounds
Sierra Steaks, 8 pounds

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