The Patio is Open

The weather, at least, is cooperating — and when spring gets into swing, there’s no place you’d rather be than outside grilling up some amazing 7X Beef.

We’ve created a package that’s perfect for a gourmet foray into the back yard, with succulent Ribeyes, tender and tasty Flat Iron Steaks, and our incredible ground beef for burgers. We’re also throwing in some of our limited-edition 7X Beef Jerky (in Hawaiian, Applewood Smoked, and Hot & Spicy) in case you need a snack while the grill heats up.

If you’re stocking for the season, add to your oder with our $100 packages of great restaurant cuts, the perfectly priced approach to getting more Wagyu in your life.

The Great Grill Deal: 1/3 off!

Two 18-ounce Ribeye steaks
Two 18-ounce Flat Iron steaks
Two pounds of 7X Wagyu ground beef
Three 3-ounce packs of 7X Beef jerky (3 flavors)

Only $225, and ships free!

$100 Packages of Great Restaurant Cuts

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