Steakhouse Superstars from 7X Beef

It’s quite possible that you’re aching for the perfect steak right now.

We know, as you do, that a lot of what makes a steak dinner great is the great restaurant you eat it in. And though there’s not much we can do about where you’re eating, we can at least make sure that you’re getting the same cut — the same exact cut, in fact, because most of our stock was on its way to those amazing restaurants. 

We don’t need to explain the virtues of 100% Wagyu Tenderloin, Ribeye, and New York Strip, so we’ll just tell you that we’ll ship them to you for free, and at ¼ off our regular price. If you want to try a few less famous cuts (which your favorite restaurant likely also has on its menu), you can add a lot of beef to your order for not a lot of money.

Grab a knife and a nice Cabernet, and enjoy a taste of your favorite steakhouse at home. And soon, we’ll see you in some suitably swank back booth, where we’ll be paying a lot more for the same wine — and loving every minute of it.

Offer good while supplies last, or until the restaurants start stocking up again.

25% OFF

Two 8-ounce Tenderloins
Two 16-ounce Ribeyes
Two 16-ounce New York Strips
Two packs of 7X Ground Beef Patties

$320 (reg. $430) + Free Shipping

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