Simply Perfect

At 7X, we know our way around a side of beef. We hand-trim all sorts of fancy cuts for restaurants and steakhouses, and carve massive bone-in steaks for celebrations and centerpieces. But first and foremost, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the absolute best versions of the cuts you know and love.

In recognition of the simple desire for a steak that’s simply delicious, we want you to celebrate summer with our triumvirate of taste: our Tenderloins, New York Strips, and Ribeyes. They’re hand-trimmed Wagyu from 100% pureblood Japanese cattle, bred and fed on our own ranches for unbeatable flavor and uncompromising texture. They’re easy to cook, and everything you imagine a steak could be.

It’s nice to get exactly what you expect — especially when you’re expecting the world’s best beef.

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Two 6-ounce Tenderloin Filets
Two 16-ounce New York Strips
Two 18-ounce Ribeye Steaks
Four 7-ounce Tavern-style Burger Patties

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