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  • 7X Wagyu Beef Jerky
    Jan 10.20

    Hot & Spicy 7X Beef Jerky

    Our 100% fullblood Wagyu, brought to you in snackable form. Perfectly marbled chuck eye ends are sliced and smoked over...

  • Feb 23.20

    Flat-out Amazing

    This is the Flat Iron Steak, a cut almost unknown outside of gourmet circles and restaurant kitchens. It's as tender...

  • 7X Chuck Eye Steak
    Feb 21.20

    A Delmonico Deal

    The Delmonico was the steak that built steakhouses. It's unbelievably flavorful, incredibly juicy, and — when it's 100% fullblood Japanese...

  • 7X Beef Whole trimmed Tenderloin Wagyu
    Mar 20.20

    Two Whole Tenderloins

    We could all use a little more tenderness in our lives, so 7X is offering a big discount on our...

  • 7X Chuck Eye Steak
    Oct 03.19

    Chuck Eye Package

    The chuck eye is a cut that deserves a better name, and so the steakhouses that love this flavorful shoulder...

  • 7x Beef Wagyu 5 pounds ground beef
    Mar 20.20

    12 Pounds of Ground

    This is twelve pounds of pure ground wagyu beef, made from whole cuts of 7X Beef, rather than scrap meat...