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  • 7X beef Tomahawk Ribeye
    Nov 12.15

    Tomahawk Ribeye

    This is a showboat, a battleship of beef. Two and a half pounds of our finest Ribeye, hand trimmed around...

  • 7x Beef sliced Bresaola
    Nov 08.17

    7X Bresaola

    Cured in Waltham, Massachusetts by New England Charcuterie, 7X Beef Bresaola is made from our Eye of Round that has...

  • Oct 31.17

    The 7X T-Bone

    Funny that we should talk about the bone, rather than the meat, no? In fact, that magnificent bone brings flavor...

  • Oct 31.17

    Buy 3 T-Bones and save!

  • Oct 31.17

    32oz. T-Bone

  • Oct 31.17

    Buy 3 Porterhouse and save!