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  • 7X Beef Sirloin Filet
    May 30.19

    A Real Grill Deal

    This is where grilling gets gourmet. This is a selection of our most flavorful cuts, specially trimmed to backyard portions....

  • May 24.19

    Father’s Day Gift Package

    Dads like what dads like, and dads like beef. This variety pack includes our show-stopping Bone-in Ribeye, plus a giant...

  • 7X Beef tenderloin
    Apr 11.19

    Petite Tenderloin Package

    You'll be shocked at all the flavor you'll find in these 4-ounce filets. It's the same ultra-premium beef we delver...

  • Feb 27.19

    Delmonico Delicious

    The chuck eye steak — made famous as the Delmonico — is legendarily delicious. The natural structure of the meat keeps...

  • 7x Beef cooked tenderloin Wagyu
    May 01.18

    57% off Tenderloins

    A dozen of the tenderest, juiciest, most flavorful filets ever produced (if we do say so ourselves). And they're available...

  • 7x Beef 40 oz bone in ribeye cowboy cut
    May 02.19

    32oz. Cowboy Cut Ribeye

    This is the big one: More than 2 inches thick, trimmed bone-in and Frenched for an amazing-looking (and tasting) steak.