The 7X Blog

  • May 01.18

    Big Tenderloin Sale

    The legendary tenderloin, for sale at half off. Perfect for grill or pan, these little beauties are the tenderest, juiciest,...

  • 32-ounce Porterhouse from 7X Beef
    Nov 12.15

    Big, Small, and Delicious

    Great gifts come in all sizes, and the same is true of great steaks. This holiday special pairs our gigantic...

  • 7X wagyu New York Strip raw
    Aug 22.19

    Holiday in New York

    There is no more perfect time to visit Manhattan than when the windows are full of presents and ribbons, the...

  • Sep 18.19

    Season’s Savings

    We're getting ahead of the big shopping rush by offering big-sized savings on the biggest trim sizes of our most...

  • 7X Beef Whole trimmed Tenderloin Wagyu
    Nov 13.15

    Whole Tenderloin

    This is five-plus pounds of our finest tenderloin — a PSMO 189a cut, if you've ever worked in a kitchen — and...

  • May 22.13

    The 7X Tenderloin

    The tenderloin — legendary as the filet mignon — is the ultimate test of breeding and ranching. At 7X, we...