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  • 7x Beef Wagyu 5 pounds ground beef
    May 19.20

    Big Burger Bash

    The grill is calling you, and we're answering with 14 pounds of our incredible 100% Wagyu ground beef from fullbood...

  • 7X Chuck Eye Steak
    May 13.20

    Steakhouse Secrets

    If you're looking for fantastic steakhouse taste but don't need to dine on ribeye every evening, we've got the cuts...

  • 7X Tri-Tip top view
    May 01.20

    22 Pounds of Wagyu

    If your gourmet supplies are running low — or even if they're not — take a look at this big...

  • 7X Beef Whole trimmed Tenderloin Wagyu
    Mar 20.20

    Two Whole Tenderloins

    We could all use a little more tenderness in our lives, so 7X is offering a big discount on our...

  • 7X Bavette steak raw
    May 07.20

    Chef’s Secret Weapons

    We're going to drop some culinary vocabulary on you. A "bavette" is a particularly flavorful (and French) cut of the...

  • 7X Bavette steak raw
    May 13.20

    Sirloin Flap Bavette

    The Bavette is a particularly flavorful cut of the sirloin, and it isn't on menus just because it sounds French....