Perfect Cuts for Pretty Good People

Some people are just awesome, and those people should be reminded just how awesome they are. This month, we’re officially honoring graduates and father figures, but there are plenty of other people who should be celebrated. Preferably with steak.

Some steaks are just awesome, too, which is why Ribeyes, New York Strips, and Tenderloins are the stars of any steakhouse menu. Those cuts are particularly awesome when they’re from 7X Beef’s own 100% fullblood Japanese herd, raised to create pure Wagyu perfection. They’re amazingly flavorful and tender, and have the characteristic flecking of fat throughout the muscle that’s a sign that you’ve got a superior steak.

For a limited time, they’re on sale.

Only the Best, 30% off!

Two 18-ounce Ribeye Steaks
Two 18-ounce New York Strips
Two 8-ounce Tenderloin Filets
Four 8-ounce tavern-style patties

Just $320, ships free!

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