7X Beef

  • Luke Venner: BLT Steak

    “Upon discovering 7X Beef, I was inspired by their deep commitment to preserving both the heritage and happiness of their livestock. The passion that goes into their work is definitely evident in the end result.”

  • Marco Maccioni: Le Cirque

    "I am always on the look out for better ingredients and this is really special beef."

  • Paul Ferzacca: La Tour

    “This ultra-premium all natural Colorado beef is THE REAL DEAL. I have served Kobe Beef and Wagyu Beef in my restaurant and it sure is a pleasure to have one of the best, if not the best, beef in the world being raised locally in my backyard.”

  • Chris Lanter: Cache Cache

    “This is definitely some of the best Colorado beef I have ever eaten.”

  • Riley Romanin: Hooked BC

    “We have had an outstanding response to the beef,” says Romanin. “Customers are definitely enjoying the product, and they come back for more.”

  • Rob Zack: Hotel Jerome

    "Now that we've evolved into ourselves, I can do things like the 7X beef. It's like butter; it melts in your mouth."

    "That's the beauty: You don't have to do too much to that 7X beef and people love it."

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