People Are Talking

It started with the chefs — a few select restaurateurs that got their hands on our amazingly marbled cuts early. They grilled up a few as tests, and then ordered enough to feature 7X on their menus in Colorado resort towns. Then their customers started talking, telling their friends back home about these amazing steaks. Next came the critics, the food writers, the business press, and a whole host of people enamored by the story of a culinary passion with such a delicious ending.

And now — with 7X finally available to the public — the whole gourmet world is talking. At least between bites.

Chef Chris Lanter

April 23,2014• read more •

“The recent adoption of 7X Beef (by Le Cirque), from a boutique ranch in Colorado…

“I expected the steaks to be amazing, and they truly were. But what really blew…

Chef Gilbert Pepin

April 18,2014• read more •

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