How We Ship


7X ships our product Monday through Wednesday, for 2-day delivery Wednesday through Friday. Orders placed after noon Mountain time will be shipped the following day, and orders placed after noon on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.

If you’d like to request a different shipping day, please email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Our beef is shipped frozen, packed on a per-order basis into a box with reusable low-temperature ice packs. That box is placed into a cooler and then into a shipping box. This packaging is almost always enough to keep our cuts fully frozen for the journey, but we can’t control where a box might sit for a few hours on its way to you. If delivery is delayed and a cut is more than partially thawed, we invite you to enjoy it first, and thank you for your understanding. If you believe a cut is unusable or unsafe, please contact us immediately. We want you to enjoy our beef at its absolute best.


Free two-day shipping is included on all orders over $250. One-day delivery is almost always possible, but drop a line to to make sure we can pack your cooler in time for an early pick-up.

Important Information

Recent nationwide increases in shipping volume may trigger “exceptions” or other notices related to your express delivery. If you receive one of these notices, do not refuse delivery. In most cases, your 7X Beef will still arrive in good condition within the delivery window. We will not issue refunds if delivery has been refused.

Please remember to double check your address when ordering. Complete delivery information — including data such as gate codes and apartment numbers — is the sole responsibility of the purchaser, and 7X is not responsible for delays, returns, or mis-deliveries caused by incomplete instructions, or for delays caused by weather, UPS delivery delays, or the lack of an available recipient. In other words, please make sure someone’s home during the three days of the delivery window. Once your package leaves our facility, all shipping delays are the sole responsibility of UPS, and all claims must be made to them. Please contact UPS directly, at 1(888) 742-5877, to correct mistakes or omissions in delivery directions, to track missing or late shipments, or to make a claim for missing or ruined product.

The Short Version

We ship orders two-day free on all orders over $250, to arrive at your address Wednesday through Friday. If that fits your schedule, and your address typically doesn’t experience delivery difficulties, then you’re a matter of hours from enjoying the best steak of your life.