Drive for Perfection

7X Beef is happy to introduce a new member to our team — someone who, like us, has had a lot of experience out on the range.

Daniela Holmqvist is a professional golfer on the LPGA Tour. She splits her time between her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden and South Florida, though she’s been traveling the world for tournaments for almost a decade.

Dani’s also passionate about great food and great wine (she holds a level 2 wine certification), which is how she became a fan of 7X Beef. But our beef isn’t just about fancy dinners for her; she uses 7X to power her incredible workouts, and always keeps some 7X Beef Jerky in her bag to keep her focused and fueled on the course.

Dani’s also quite the chef, and has been known to sear up 7X for impromptu dinner parties and backyard barbecues for friends. Though we don’t think she’s decided on a favorite cut just yet, we know she hasn’t had a shank in years.