May 07.20

Chef’s Secret Weapons

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Chef’s Secret Weapons



7X Bavette steak raw

About the Product

We’re going to drop some culinary vocabulary on you. A “bavette” is a particularly flavorful (and French) cut of the sirloin flank, and it’s all the rage on fine dining menus. A “zabuton” is the amazingly marbled (and Japanese) cut from the tender underside of the chuck, and it’s the star of classic Kobe presentations such as Hot Stone. Along with Tri-tip, these are some of the most incredible gourmet cuts you can grill or sear. We’ve packaged them with our 100% Wagyu ground beef, because every chef loves a good burger.

• Two Bavette steaks (5.5 to 6 pounds total)
• One 3-pound Zabuton
• Two Tri-tip roasts, 5 pounds total
• 5 pounds 7X Ground Beef
• Eight 8-ounce tavern-style ground beef patties

That’s 23 pounds of amazing restaurant Wagyu, at more than 25% off. And shipping is free.

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