Jun 20.14

7X Beef at Food & Wine Classic

7x Beef and Aspen Food and Wine Classic

The best beef in the world is making its debut at Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado this weekend. Starting Friday, 7X Beef’s executive chef Gilbert Pepin will be whipping up some mouth watering concoctions for world-renowned foodies to sample at the 7X Saloon in the Grand Tasting Tent.

A different dish will be served at each Grand Tasting, providing a total of seven 7X cuts to sample.

“We are offering all of our prime cuts that are for sale on the website,” Pepin said. “Each tasting you will find something different to enjoy.”

We kick things off Friday morning, at the Private Grand Tasting, with sliced ribeye with Vidalia onion and fig jam crostini. Ground beef comes up next in the form of an Asian-Style meatball covered in ginger, teriyaki glaze. And Friday evening, for the final tasting of the day, a braised ragu with micro basil and truffle polenta will be served.

Saturday morning brings two of our favorite things together: filet and puff pastries. Attendees of the private tasting will get to try our beef tenderloin Wellington with foie gras and mushrooms. Ground beef returns at lunchtime in the form of beef sliders topped with chipotle ketchup and crispy onion. Then, cap off this particularly flavorful Saturday with the New York sirloin with aged cheddar and horseradish.

And, on our final day, we return to one of our favorites: the 7X ribeye. Even if you’re about to pack up and head out, do not miss this last Grand Tasting. The 7X Beef Saloon will be slicing ribeye and covering it in Gorgonzola and caramelized shallots.

“We have a great variety of dishes to share with the foodies at the Classic this year. Pepin said. “We promise that no dish will disappoint and you’ll be coming back for more.”

Bon Appétit!

Note: If you won’t be attending the Food and Wine Classic this year and are now extremely disappointed about it, don’t worry, you can order the cuts and make them yourself. Order at 7XBeef.com and they will be at your front door before you know it.

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