Apr 03.15

1515 + 7X makes for some tasty math.

In the LoDo area of Denver, there’s a restaurant that would be right at home in the world’s food capitals. This 18-year-old institution — known these days as one of the Mile-High City’s must-visit hotspots — has built its stellar reputation on mastery of technique and an uncompromising choice of ingredients. In 2015, new chef Joseph Arena will continue the tradition of taking classic dishes and adding an exciting twist, with 7X Beef as a sizzling star.

In a show-stopping preparation based on Ishiyaki cooking from Japan, slices of 7X arrive at the table along with a river stone heated to 700°. Diners place the beef on the stone, releasing an amazing aroma and activating the flavor trapped in the cut’s beautiful fleck marbling.

“7X Beef is the best beef I’ve ever worked with,” says Gene Tang, owner of 1515. “The marbling is unbelievable; It’s so buttery.” But it’s not just the taste. “The look is very important,” adds Tang. “So is the smell. All five senses go into making an amazing dish.

1515 has an Environmental Leadership Program seal with the state for its green operations, and is designated as “Certifiably Green” by the city of Denver. Colorado-raised 7X is a perfect fit for the menu.

7X Beef shares the menu with other premium ingredients like foie gras, diver scallops, and Colorado lamb. 1515 prides itself on standing out from other Colorado restaurants, from their extravagant upstairs dining room to their 500-bottle wine list that’s a recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. They’re always willing to push the limits in pursuit of the perfect meal. “We do a lot of things that other people don’t,” says Tang. “It’s a complete fine dining experience.”

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