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  • 7X Beef Wagyu Baseball-cut Top Sirloin Steak
    Jul 22.20

    Top Sirloin Special

    ten of our center cut, trimmed "Baseball" style Sirloins Ten 8-ounce "Baseball" Center-cut Top Sirloin Steaks ONLY $250. Reg $300-over...

  • 7X Beef Wagyu Ribeye Steaks
    Apr 16.21

    Twice as Nice

    Show off your great grilling skills this spring with these great steaks. Our Ribeyes, and New York's are stars of...

  • Feb 07.22

    Spring Griller

    Nothing says spring, like prepping the backyard and the grill, especially when it features the world's greatest steaks. Our Spring...

  • 7X Beef Wagyu Ground Beef Patties
    May 19.20

    Big Burger Bash

    The grill is calling you, and we're answering with 12 pounds of our incredible 100% Wagyu ground beef from fullbood...

  • 7Xbeef Osso Bucco Wagyu
    Mar 28.22

    7X Osso Buco Special

    It's an extraordinary cut for the perfect braising dish: Beef Osso Buco. These are sizable cuts, so make a lotta...

  • 7X Wagyu Short Ribs
    Dec 27.22

    7X Short Ribs

    7X Navel Boneless Short Ribs are a crowd favorite, known for their richness and abundant marbling. Flavorful, moist and tender...

  • 7X Beef Wagyu New York Strip Striploin Steaks
    May 22.13

    7X New York Strip

    This is the steak-lover’s steak. Rich with flavor and deeply marbled with fat, the muscle fibers of this cut offer...