This is the world’s best tasting beef.

It’s the steak of your dreams — and of ours, too. We searched the world for the most delicious beef, and found it in an ancient Japanese breed of fullblood cattle that produces amazing marbling and a unique tenderness. We let them grow at their own pace for naturally slow-grown flavor, then butcher by hand to exact specifications. At 7X, we’ve created a beef with a taste so sublime, it will forever change your idea of how good a steak can be.

Delicious Delmonicos

The steakhouse stalwart, ⅓ off!

The 7X Wagyu chuck eye steak

Plus bonus ground beef and jerky.

Throw a Distributed Dinner

Order a dozen 7X Tenderloins at HALF OFF —

Drop them on doorsteps. Set a time to open Zoom and some Zin.

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