Feb 28.22

7X Tri-Tip 2-Pack Special

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7X Tri-Tip 2-Pack Special



7X Beef Wagyu Tri Tip, closeup to show marbling

About the Product

The Tri-Tip is a cut with a cult. Beautifully boneless, it’s the hero of the grill because its intramuscular fat keeps it juicy, and a quick carve against the grain makes for tender eating. Our Tri-Tip, of course, has all that Wagyu goodness you expect from 7X, and is incredible roasted, broiled, smoked, or as a spectacular sous vide.

The 7X Tri-Tip comes two to a package, for a total of 4 to 4.5 pounds.

*Buy 2 and save. Only $250, normally $280 and ships free

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