Mar 14.22

7X Inside Skirt

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7X Inside Skirt
7X Beef Wagyu Inside Skirt Steak

About the Product

Most people encounter skirt steak in fajitas or stir-fry, because — though famously flavorful — it can be a tough cut. Quick cooking and marinades are the usual recommendations, and you’ll rarely see it as the star of a restaurant menu.

But a 7X Inside Skirt steak is a different thing entirely. It couples all that flavor with the legendary tenderness of our 100% pureblood Japanese beef. There’s no need for a marinade; just a little salt and pepper, and then a bit of time over a medium grill to melt the fat into a rich, caramelized masterpiece of the backyard arts. It’s a steak for people who put flavor first, but don’t sacrifice tenderness.

Each package contains between 4 and 5 pounds of Inside Skirt Steak, of varying thickness. Just sear and slice sideways.



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