This is the world’s best tasting beef.

It’s the steak of your dreams — and of ours, too. We searched the world for the most delicious beef, and found it in an ancient Japanese breed of fullblood cattle that produces amazing marbling and a unique tenderness. We let them grow at their own pace for naturally slow-grown flavor, then butcher by hand to exact specifications. At 7X, we’ve created a beef with a taste so sublime, it will forever change your idea of how good a steak can be.

The Stunning Standing Ribeye Roast

The unbeatable bone-in showpiece.

Wagyu Standing Ribeye Roast

Roasted whole or sliced for amazing steaks, it’s a holiday classic.

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7X Beef Tenderloin

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Special savings on bulk orders!
Call Cory at 970-822-3040
M-F 9-5 Mountain time
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7X offers a variety of gift packages at all sorts of price points, all packed with Wagyu from 100% pureblood Japanese cattle from our own herd, raised on our own ranch. All we need from you is a list of names and addresses, and we'll ship that goodness anywhere in the Lower 48 for arrival between now and the New Year.